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Tactile Metal Domes from Memcon

Increasingly, metal domes have become the standard when an enhanced tactile feel/effect is required in an application, particularly in relation to the superior temperature characteristics they offer. Memcon have recently developed and manufactured an extensive range of high quality metal domes, competitively priced and ideal for use in a multitude of industries ranging from membrane… Continue reading Tactile Metal Domes from Memcon

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How Thick Should My Gold Plating Be?

Precious metal plating on connectors  protect the surface from corrosion.  Sounds pretty basic, but there is a bit more to it. There is the perception that gold is good and more gold must be better.  Not necessarily so.  It depends upon the application. Corrosion typically occurs when corrosive elements in the air reach the connector contact… Continue reading How Thick Should My Gold Plating Be?

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B2B Purchasing Is More Personal Than You Think

If I were to tell you that the reasons why we buy things are based more on emotion than logic or reasoning you probably wouldn’t doubt me, would you? Certainly with personal purchases we purchase things we don’t need, with money we don’t have for reasons only known by ourselves. Now this isn’t all of… Continue reading B2B Purchasing Is More Personal Than You Think

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PEMS Tactile Feel

“These keys don’t have the same snap as the sample switch. I though you were using the same metal domes?!” At one time or another, I’m sure most membrane-switch engineers have heard a customer say this. Customers often fail to realize that all the other options they request increase the layers of the switch assembly,… Continue reading PEMS Tactile Feel

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Changing a Company’s Culture

Culture is simply the shared beliefs, values, expectations and stories – whether they are true or not – that are transmitted from one generation within the company to another. In a perfect world, the culture reflects the values of ownership, the management team and the mission of the organization. It defines what we do, who… Continue reading Changing a Company’s Culture

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Does a Leap Day Impact the Economy

As it’s March 1 as opposed to February 29th,  a few thoughts on whether I think the creation of an extra day provides any kind of boost to the economy. The short answer is “not really.” The longer answer starts with a bit of math. One extra day makes the year 0.27% longer theoretically allowing for 0.27%… Continue reading Does a Leap Day Impact the Economy