I Pity The Fool (Thanks Mr. T)

When you go on Wikipedia looking for what the history of April Fools Day and you get in the first line – “uncertain” it begs the question of whether it is a Fools Errand to even care. Well perhaps that is the best explanation – but after reviewing 8 -10 various stories, I like this one… Continue reading I Pity The Fool (Thanks Mr. T)

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PEMS Tactile Feel

“These keys don’t have the same snap as the sample switch. I though you were using the same metal domes?!” At one time or another, I’m sure most membrane-switch engineers have heard a customer say this. Customers often fail to realize that all the other options they request increase the layers of the switch assembly,… Continue reading PEMS Tactile Feel

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Changing a Company’s Culture

Culture is simply the shared beliefs, values, expectations and stories – whether they are true or not – that are transmitted from one generation within the company to another. In a perfect world, the culture reflects the values of ownership, the management team and the mission of the organization. It defines what we do, who… Continue reading Changing a Company’s Culture

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Does a Leap Day Impact the Economy

As it’s March 1 as opposed to February 29th,  a few thoughts on whether I think the creation of an extra day provides any kind of boost to the economy. The short answer is “not really.” The longer answer starts with a bit of math. One extra day makes the year 0.27% longer theoretically allowing for 0.27%… Continue reading Does a Leap Day Impact the Economy