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Memcon’s Crimp Connector Offerings

Building upon a wealth of experience in the market, Memcon’s new range of plastic housings have been designed specifically for use on membrane switches, flexible circuits, jumper cable, sensors, textile ribbons and all elements of flexible circuitry and are ideally suited for converting flat circuits/membranes to discreet cable.

With a whole six new product ranges, the MHF Standard, the MHDF, MHE, MHLA and MHP Series plus the MHL Housing, each has its own specific technical specification while all are available as a standard 2.54mm pitch system, are UL94 V-O classified, RoHS compliant and are produced in thermoplastic with glass fibre.

The MHF Standard Series (available in 2-32 ways) mates with industry standard 0.635mm pin headers, suitable for use with female contacts, is stackable end to end and is available with both polarised and latching options, while the MHDF Housing Series (4-50 ways) meets all the aforementioned criteria but is designed to mate with industry standard double row 0.635mm pin headers.

The Polarised & Locking MHL Series and MHLA Series (both 2-25 ways) mate with industry standard 0.635mm walled pin headers and have non-polarised and non-latching variations available. The MHP Polarised Housing Series (also 2-25 ways) provides polarisation but also has non-polarised and latching options, while the MHE Polarised and Locking Series mate with standard HE13/HE14 pin headers but likewise offer non-polarised and latching variations.

Finally, compatible for use with all the housings, Memcon supplies a series of six tin and selective gold crimp contacts. Three of the range are female – available in high flex, high force and low force options – while the remaining three are solder contacts suitable for soldering direct onto the PCB.


Phil Heft, PEMS Specialist;

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