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FFC Cable Delamination Cause

One of the most common problems with flat flexible cables exposed to humidity is delamination The cables manufactured with standard adhesive can absorb moisture with time The main reason is that polyester and adhesive are porous. With humidity, the cable can absorb moisture. With time and elevated temperature, the moisture can expand and make the… Continue reading FFC Cable Delamination Cause

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Memcon Spacer Material

Singularly Competitive Price for a Double Sided Spacer Tape Memcon have designed and manufactured a “Value” range of high performance spacer tapes specifically developed for use in membrane switch applications and associated products. Memcon Double Sided Spacer Tape Building upon a wealth of experience in the Membrane Switch market and utilising the close working relationships… Continue reading Memcon Spacer Material

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The Evolution of a Sales Organization

Every sales organization can be classified into a “Build,” “Compete,” “Maintain,” “Extend,” or “Cull” stage based upon its development. The Build stage is when the sales organization is first establishing itself. If successful, it will proceed to a high-growth Compete stage and then to Maintain stage that is contingent upon predictable success. As the sales… Continue reading The Evolution of a Sales Organization

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ESD Issues for Placing SMD LEDs

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can cause damage to unprotected electronic devices even when the discharge can be at times imperceptible. Even though all LEDs are susceptible to ESD damage it is the GaN based LEDs (blue, white and some green colors) that are more sensitive to surge voltages caused by ESD. Ratings for standard SMD LEDs… Continue reading ESD Issues for Placing SMD LEDs

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Memcon Flat Flex Cable Connections

Memcon is a Flat Flex Cable Manufacturer providing a broad range of standard styles FFC Card cables in pitches 0.30, 0.50, 0.80, 1.0, 1.25, 1.27, and 2.54mm to fit a wide variety of electronic applications as board to board interconnections in thin environments.  FFC is lightweight, thin, extremely flexible providing a low cost jumper manufactured… Continue reading Memcon Flat Flex Cable Connections

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Waxing Poetic on Tradeshows

Looking at trade shows holistically, the measure of worth varies for each specific trade show in question. It depends on your industry and customers, and even your company culture and people. The best place to start determining a trade show’s value is by looking at the potential return on investment (ROI). In other words, what’s… Continue reading Waxing Poetic on Tradeshows