FFC Cables for High Speed Hirose Connectors

Recognizing the rapid and challenging technological developments in the field of electronics, FFC Cable manufacturers with laser or die cutting capabilities have engineered shielded FFC cables for Hirose FH41 Series; 0.5mm pitch as well as other offerings from Hirose, I-Pex, Molex and other shielded ZIF connector manufacturers.

The Hirose FH41 connector housing incorporates highly reliable mechanical and electrical connections by utilizing Hirose Electric’s proven design features, which include precise FFC positioning with a tactile sensation that confirms when proper locking of the actuator has been made. The special impedance controlled contacts form a reliable hinge point for the rotating actuator instead of relying on the housing walls. Further benefits of using FH41 are the side catches that hold the tabbed FFC in place which allows a temporary holding facility for the FFC with easy and accurate guided positioning.A high retention force of 47N max can be applied to the FFC. The FH41 series connector comes equipped with ground terminals and are available for connection with impedance control shielded FFC.

FFC cables offer options of microstrip or stripline as well as gold plating on the fingers for proper mating to the Hirose profiled connector.These connectors feature an exclusive ground terminal design, impedance-matched shielded FFC ground contacts, and high-speed transmission rates using a differential impedance of 100Ω±10% (3.75 Gbps max.). They have a current rating of 0.5A, a voltage rating of 50 Vrms AC,and a contact resistance of 100 m Ohms. They have also been shown to last for 20 mating cycles,and are available in 28, 40, 50, and 68 positions. Ideal applications are car audio systems,satellite navigation, multifunctional office equipment, LCD/Digital TV, DVD players and many other displays needing a more robust connector.


Phil Heft – Connector and FFC Specialist, pheft@hotmail.com


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