B2B Sales/Purchasing Paradigm

B2B Sales/Purchasing Paradigm According to a recent study; purchasers reported to being nearly 60 percent through the sales process before engaging sales. What are buyers doing when they’re not talking to sales? They are surfing to identify and qualify vendors. They are engaging in social media to learn more about their needs, potential solutions and… Continue reading B2B Sales/Purchasing Paradigm

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Aluminum Shielded FFC

Shielded FFC Cable – Aluminum Shield provides EMI/RFI protection. These cables are generally available in all pitches from 0.5 mm and higher, in almost any length and number of conductors. While it is recommended a shield that is grounded 360 degrees, externally on both ends to achieve maximum shielding effectiveness,  you can design cables with floating grounds… Continue reading Aluminum Shielded FFC

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Printed Electronics Interconnections

  Considerations for FPC and PEMS designs need an understanding of how to interface to the brains that control your product. Basically, connectors connect the circuitry and the device it will control with considerations of connector costs, size and durability, and remembering when mating headers are involved. FPC and Printed Electronics circuits are connected by a flexible tail that is cut… Continue reading Printed Electronics Interconnections