Memtron SMD LEDs for Printed Electronics – Unique Tricolor Offering

Memcon has been a key supplier to membrane switch manufacledsturers for several years. It has invested and broadened its offering into specific LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) providing standard solutions to the unique needs of the printed electronics industry.

From 1206 (3.2 x 1.6mm) style low profile to UltraThin (0.35mm high – 0.016″) these products are dedicated to membrane switches. With markets already applied to the industrial and medical industries, more and more are being used in any type of thin environment, green products and for all lighting or backlighting applications. These specific LEDs reduce costs by eliminating embossing and lessening spacer materials while maintaining the easy to place size that make it easy for dot dispensing of adhesives.

Standard single color SMD LEDs are available in Red, Yellow, Green, Amber, Blue and White –  and Bicolor 1210 (3.2 x 2.6mm) packaging and a unique Tricolor Super Slim 0.35mm high red/green/blue product leading the industry with problem solving solutions.

With more and more specific designs using embedded LEDs, Memcon completes your needs with all versions of SMD LEDs including side firing and smaller package sizes.


Tricolor LED      http://www.memcon.eu/files/leds-and-optos/datasheets/super-slim-tri-full-colour-smd-leds-ml159-series.pdf

Phil Heft – PEMS and FFC Specialist; pheft@hotmail.com


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