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Memcon Adhesive Spacers & Tapes

The Memcon range of adhesive products have been specifically developed for use in membrane switch, front panel, labels, nameplates, flexible circuits, EL, sensors and other applications that require high performance adhesives.



Flat Flex Cable Manufacturers provide a broad range of standard styles FFC Card cables as shown underneath, in pitches 0.50, 0.80, 1.0, 1.25, 1.27, and 2.54mm to fit a wide variety of electronic applications as board to board interconnections in thin environments. Using this guide you can create your own product with various conductor sizes and insulation… Continue reading FFC CARD CABLES CONNECTIONS


Evolution of a Sales Organization

Every sales organization can be classified into a “Build,” “Compete,” “Maintain,” “Extend,” or “Cull” stage based upon its development. The Build stage is when the sales organization is first establishing itself. If successful, it will proceed to a high-growth Compete stage and then to Maintain stage that is contingent upon predictable success. As the sales… Continue reading Evolution of a Sales Organization


5 Elements to Successful Application Sales

1) Competence is critical: As products become more and more similar, one of the ways to keep out of the commodity trap is for the salesperson to add real and significant value by being exceedingly professional, prepared, and competent. It is not enough just to know about your products and services, you must be an… Continue reading 5 Elements to Successful Application Sales