Memcon 0.35mm Hgt Membrane Thin Surface Mount LEDs

ImageMemcon has been a key partner to membrane switch manufacturers for many years providing metal domes for keyboards, adhesive spacers, Crimp connectors & machines. Since year 2005, the company has also been supplying Thin LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) with a low .35mm profile.

The membrane switch market need for brighter LEDs, higher ESD expectations for white and blue LEDs and a lower height to eliminate embossing has been driving our team for a new LED product extensions

Memco   0.35mm Membrane Thin Surface Mount LEDs are dedicated to membrane switches. They maintain easy to place length and width (1206) and are thin enough to eliminate embossing and further reduce spacer material thickness (cost adders) to compensate for LED thickness. They are still custom dimensions for the membrane switch industry but bring a value-added solution.

Memcon offers LED 0.35mm products with 6 colours – green, yellow, orange, red, blue & white – mostly available on stock.

The new LEDs:

▪ reduce your costs by eliminating embossing

▪ reduce spacer materials while maintaining the easy to place size that made the success of the 1206 package – The overall dimension is equivalent to 3,2 x 1,6 x 0,35mm

▪ Offer a higher brightness (see spec▪ …

Compared to similar market LEDs and smaller packages such as 0603, 

▪  an easy to place package with a smaller height dedicated to membrane switches

▪  a close technical & sales support with international presence

▪ a global offering for membrane switches making us the partner of choice and a true one-stop shop for membrane switch manufacturers worldwide

The .35mm SMD Taping (carrier tape & reel according to EIA 481-1A) is much smaller than lead frame type components, thus enabling smaller board size, higher packing density, reduced storage space and reduced equipment size. Also, light weight makes them ideal for miniature applications such as automotive backlighting in dashboards and switches, indicators, and backlighting in telephones and faxes, and flat backlighting for LCDs.

The new LEDs are packaged in reels of 3 000 parts and loaded in sealed anti-static bags (220x240mm) made of aluminum. Shelf life in a sealed bag is 12 months minimum at <40°C and <90% relative humidity (RH). They are compatible with the infrared and vapor phase reflow solder processes (see our spec for reflow soldering).



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