Nicomatic offers online configurator for connector selections

Nicomatic has developed an easy to use & extremely quick web configurator for its CMM micro-connectors & FFC Jumper cables and FFC Card cables. It works as a part number builder but not only.

www.nicomatic.com shows how easy it is to use the web configurator’s user interface for easy pick-and-click customization and personalization: in a few simple steps, users can choose from a large  number of options to create their own application connector solution.

For instance, for the FFC jumper cables the tool guides the user through a selection of female contacts, male soldertabs and housings.

This configurator makes incorrect configurations impossible. Filters are based on technical parameters, for example, the configurator  filters termination technology, ways number, pitch, right and left side, and conductor size.

If at the part number building process the user wants  to change a previous choice (eg. other cable length, other  termination�), it is possible to step back very easily and change the configuration without restarting from scratch and loosing information. A bar also shows the configuration steps advancement.

Once the part is built we get in writing a full Nicomatic part number, the designation and, underneath, the user can:

– download the corresponding part 2D drawing – ask for a sample – ask for a quote – ask a technical question – ask for a 3D drawing in IGES (.igs), STEP (.step) or PARASOLID ACIS (.xt)

Nicomatic�s CMM micro-connectors configurator is based on the same principle. All is done to guide the  user through the different choices he may have. CMM products are  extremely modular as over 5 million standard configurations are possible!

Depending on the product family you need between a few seconds to 1mn to build your final configuration. It is fast and effective as no error can be made. You select the gender, termination, the contacts number, fixing type etc.  All along, 3D images and 2D schemes help you to make the right choice.  You can step back anytime to modify your choice without loosing history.

Customers are now benefiting from a new option: by way of an online mating configurator the male and female connectors can be configured as mating-halves. An easy-to-follow screen display allows quick selection and simple, error-free configuration involving only a few input steps.


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