Shielded FFC Cable – Aluminum Shield provides EMI RFI protection

Nicomatic now offers FFC cable with an Aluminum foil shield that provides protection against EMI/RFI. These cables are available in all pitches from 0.5 mm and higher, in almost any length and number of conductors. While Nicomatic recommends a shield that is grounded 360 degrees, externally on both ends to achieve maximum shielding effectiveness, we also provide cables with floating grounds and internally grounded shields for simple connections to ground.

The chart below is the result of recent testing Nicomatic conducted to determine the comparative shielding effectiveness of our aluminum foil shield and a typical silver spray on shield. The testing also evaluated several grounding methods for effectiveness as well. The results confirmed that Nicomatics Aluminum shield provides a significant advantage in shielding effectiveness over all the frequency ranges tested.

In addition to the improved shielding effectiveness, Nicomatics aluminum shielded cables also have a solid layer of polyester over the aluminum to prevent unwanted shorts to chassis that are typical of silver spray shielshielding effectivenessded products with dielectric coatings.


Nicomatics shielded cables are also very thin and flexible, which allows optimal routing of cables and minimal stress onto joints in applications such as touchscreens. This combination of benefits makes Nicomatics aluminum shielded FFC cable a superior choice for almost any shielding application.
Nicomatic also offers cost effective gold plated FFC cables in volumes as small as 50 pcs to higher volumes to meet almost any requirement. Please contact Nicomatic for further information.


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