CMM Backpotting

Nicomatic has developed backpotting services and shapes as a fast, flexible and reliable solution for harness protection in the CMM Connector Series.

These backpotting solutions provide protection from moisture or debris to the contacts while offer strain relief to the wire and cable as an effective alternative to overmolding or backshells.backpotted cmm micro-connector

Nicomatic CMM Series 200 and Series 220 use backpotting shapes made from thermoplastic plastics (Polyethylene or Polypropylene) rated to 100ºC. These shapes work equally well with male and female connectors while the CMM320 and CMM340 use extended walls in the housings allowing them to be filled and protect terminated contacts.

We recommend usage of Stycast 2651 MM with Catalyst 9 (8% – 10%) and can also offer harness assembly either pigtailed or complete.

CMM family of products offer a flexible hi-rel system integrating signal, power or coax contacts into a lightweight, high temperature housing. Stainless fixing hardware or latching options provide a secure mating meeting Mil-C-55302 and BS-9525-F0033 standards.

backpotting shape


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