Tactile Metal Domes Innovation

Nicomatic, known worldwide as a premier manufacturer of domes, continues to increase product offerings and has more to offer than its 4-legged product series of the Switch’Air™ series! Our range now includes round and double radius domes, the newly releasedflying domes P-Switch & T-Switch Technology. Innovative presentations of domes in tape and reel, dome arrays & pre-assembled spacers.

The new expanded Switch’Air™ series is comprised of 6, 8.4, 10 and 12.2mm diameter 4-legged metal domes with added higher activation forces are all in conformance with Nicomatic Quality Standards.

Domes are available in bulk, tubes and tape and reel either crown up or crown down options. Don’t forget Nicomatic can also present domes in custom dome arrays or pre-assembled spacers without tooling. We have even innovated a double dome placement method for arrays providing additive activation force.

Nicomatic Round and Double Radius 4 & 5mm domes provide an excellent solution for high density arrays of domes. Both meet the Nicomatic Quality Standards and are available in bulk or custom arrays.

Nicomatic has designed a P-SWITCH™ pinching switch especially dedicated to smart cards, contactless cards with high security level requirements (One-time password (OTP) Identification, RFID and security) , and ultra-thin environments. T-Switch™ benefits from the same dimensional & thickness advantages as that of the P-Switch™ and is used with conductive adhesive washer to fix the SMT switch on the pattern.


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