Nicomatic Crimpflex pneumatic press

Nicomatic’s CRIMPFLEX® Connector System is applied with the fastest, easiest to use application equipment on the market. Capable of mass termination of all CRIMPFLEX® contacts  providing optimum mechanical strength and contact resistance.  pneumatic crimping press

Among the most advanced machines, the 10500-SA(P) Pneumatic press is our latest version, with features based on years of experience.  The machine is capable crimping male or female CRIMPFLEX® contacts on printed ink, FPC or FFC.

The 10500-SA(P) pneumatic press uses dry compressed air at 6 bars (no electrical requirement), allows crimping up to 36 contacts in one press stroke. It is the sole crimping equipment available on the market that allows crimping as many contacts at a time.
NICOMATIC is above all a components manufacturer but in order to serve better its clients, the company decided to supply a machine entirely built and designed inside the French headquarter and main plant.
From 1 to 36 contacts are crimped at one time. The number of contacts to be crimped is determined by turning a dial on the front of the machine. Easy set-up, easy to use, simple and quick change of tooling is the key words to describe the concept of this machine. It is also the fastest crimping press (speed measured up to 30 cycles per minute) known on the market allowing to optimize productivity levels and reach a competitive end product price.

The basic version is delivered with male and female tooling (P/N 10500-SA), but the machine can also be acquired with a complete set integrating square male contacts type (P/N 10500-SAP). If acquired in basic version first, it is possible to move to the next any time by buying the tooling for square male contacts.

How does it work? The number of contacts to be crimped is selected manually and can vary from 1 to 36. The jumper or flexible contact presentation is made manually by the operator as well as the cycle starting up.
The contacts are moved into the tool automatically according to graduated positions on the work loader, corresponding to the required number of contacts to be crimped. This machine is also equipped with a downcounter, which allows pre-selecting a precise number of operations and stops automatically once it is back to zero. The press is operated by foot pedal.

The machine is certified CE and certified conformable according to work hygiene and security rules which are properly applicable.
To sum up, Nicomatic delivers a press with following features:
–    Mass termination of all contacts in one press stroke
–    The crimp is easily inspected as the housing  is assembled after crimping
–    The width of the circuit is not limited by the width of the housing
–    The housing can be removed
–    Easy set-up
–    Simple and quick change of tooling



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