Nicomatic’s New P-Switch™ Pinch Dome/T-Switch™ Tact-SMT Switch

Smart cards and contactless cards with high security level requirements with built-in electronics such as a power source, chip, display screen, circuits with single or multiple buttons represent one of the fastest growing market segments. That along with innovative textiles and clothing industry usage of discrete switches were the inspiration for specialty dome technology of the P-Switch™.

Nicomatic P-Switch™ pinching switch especially dedicated to smart cards and ultra-thin environments. The P-Switch™ offers an outstanding tactile feeling, not yet experienced in the smart card industry. It fits to various sizes & thicknesses depending on the application and customer requirement.   It can also apply to contactless cards with high security level requirements, to highly innovative textiles & the clothing industry or also discrete switches.

The so called P-SWITCH™ button is pinched simultaneously on both sides as shown above to activate a contact and insure the electrical signal integrity. Other advantages are: ultrathin design, durable and reliable lifetime, high click ratio with stable and homogeneous activation force to be selected from our tactile range.

A new design under trademark T-Switch™ is being introduced to the market for the first time at Cards 2009 exhibition. This brand new tactile switch benefits from the same dimensional & thickness advantages as that of the

P-Switch™ and is used with conductive adhesive washer to fix the SMT switch on the pattern. An option even allows to directly stick it to the pcb and immediately authorize the switch function. In this case you do not pinch to activate on both sides but press to activate the signal.


T-Switch™ technology

Alongside an extensive product portfolio, Nicomatic is able to provide key competitive advantages through high volume manufacturing capability and R&D design. A continuous production process – stamping, forming… – allows the company to launch billions of components and secure our customers with extremely high standards of reliability. The company approach to the market is characterized by a high commitment to R&D in order to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to demanding applications. In spite of a SME business size with no less than 170 people, Nicomatic is present through all continents with subsidiaries in the USA, China, Brazil & India. Every year, some 10% to 15% of sales revenues are reinvested in developing and manufacturing new products and machinery equipment.

The experience in the MMI (man/machine interface) markets – membrane switch applications, mobile phones, GPRS & RFID applications, payment terminals and cash machines – has already shown the company ability to supply the right products to the marketplace. The big advantage is done thanks to ongoing developments and innovation that make sure that the technological

NICOMATIC, one of the top 100 connector manufacturers and leader in the metal dome switching technology, is well established to supply cutting-edge technologies. These include – advanced man/machine interface components, Switch’Air™ metal domes (nickel and gold plated), round or double radius domes, SMT metal domes, arrays of domes and the recently prized  solutions are tailored precisely to individual requirements.



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