Nicomatic CMM series connectors: a proven solution on the market

Nicomatic CMM series connectors: a proven solution on the market

The CMM interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions of use, vibration & shock severity, high temperature (250°C for 1000 hours – exceding the 85°C per the Mil), humidity, salt spray, corrosion and high altitude (70,000 ft). This system has fulfilled the most rigorous requirements under MIL-DTL55302F qualification test routine and EIA test procedures.

The CMM connector system has been developed for the aerospace, defense, instrumentation & control, and transportation markets, with applications that include IFES, HUDs, flight controls, FADEC units, radars, missiles, electro-optical sighting systems, satellites, mobile radios, power supplies and engine controls, and remote weapons systems. It is also used in a number of medical, telecommunication and industrial applications.

This Board to Board, Board to Wire and Wire to Wire interconnect system benefits from the option of a mixed layout, giving the designer a choice of high frequency (up to 6 GHz), high power (up to 20 Amps), and low frequency (3A) contact configurations.

Termination styles are available for through board solder, surface mount and press fit. An integral stainless steel locking mechanism or spring latching system offers security of interconnection, whilst a high temperature insulator allows infrared on vapor phase soldering (+260°C). Along with a small, space saving 2mm footprint, (enables up to 60% space saving over conventional 2.54mm systems), the system also features a high reliability contact design, which can be used under extreme vibration and environmental conditions.


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